Is your last name Moskona? Or your mother’s? Or any one of your grandparents’? Or perhaps you remember hearing about a relative with that last name?

There are Moskona in Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, and Latin America. Many spell their name with a “C” instead of a “K”.

Although the origins of the name are uncertain and it may sound Greek, Italian, or Russian (your pick), it is likely that it originated in pre-Inquisition Spain. Following our expulsion in 1492, the Moskona family migrated eastward, “finally” (a very relative term in Judaism) settling in Bulgaria. However, some also settled in other Balkan countries such as any of the pre-Yugoslavian nations, Italy, Turkey, and possibly others.

One thing is for sure: there aren’t many Moskona out there.

We’d love to hear from you, hear your story, and put together a comprehensive family tree. Chances are, if we climb our family tree high enough, we will find a common ancestor.

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